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testimonials Kind Words From our Customers

Hear from the happy drivers who support Woodburn Carcraft as a staple of the Woodburn, Oregon community.

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Fast and Excellent Service

Towed my car here over the weekend for emergency service. Key drop off was convenient. They contacted me Monday morning with a detailed diagnosis and estimate. They were straightforward, friendly and caring of the situation. Took care of everything over the phone and got the work done right away. I'm very happy with my experience.
Timothy Laughrin
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These people know what they are doing when it comes to vehicle knowledge and customer communications. From the owner to the office management and the vehicle technician, they have it covered. If you need straight answers about your car repair issues and costs, contact these people first.
BMW X5 Woodburn, OR
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These guys are the best!!

My car needed a simple fix. They took care of the problem and then analyzed why my check engine light was staying on. They went over my car with a fine-toothed comb and didn’t charge me. I was stunned. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Carcraft to family and friends. They definitely have my business!!
Chris F. Salem, OR
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Care for aging car

I feel reassured that when I drive my car it has been checked for 72 different problem areas. With a 19 year old car alot can go wrong. I appreciate the time and detailed attention that the members of the Carcraft team give rto my vehicle.
Peter H. Woodburn, OR
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